phil heath npc supportIFBB stars Phil Heath and Dana Linn Baily did not hold back to show their faith in the NPC.

Through the NPC, Phil Heath and Dana Linn Baily have moved up the ranks and become successful stars in the sport.

Many other athletes like Dexter Jackson, during the 2015 Olympia Weekend, did not hold back from showing their support for the NPC after a new federation called NPC Global was formed.

All the athletes are coming out to show their support for the organisation that gave so much to the sport.

The big question is who will make the move to the new federation… and what punishment will the NPC/IFBB have lined up for them if they make the move? has already teamed up with NPC Global and it seams Kai Greene has also, even though it was not officially announced).

We at support anybody who does good to the sport… but we will not support an organisation that was formed to crush the work the Weider’s, Manion’s and other did for the IFBB, NPC and IFBB Europe. Yes, sometimes we don’t agree on what the IFBB, NPC and the people in charge decide, but that is the job we do, and at the end of day we do this for the good of the sport.

We will publish material to keep all our readers informed on the situation of other organisations as that is our job!