dennis and TimmsEarlier this week Dennis James posted a photo on Facebook of one of his athletes Robert Timms.

After a number of posts from fans ridiculing the claims of Dennis James that Timms is natural, the big man presented a challenge to the non-believers.

Robert Timms has a fantastic physique, he obviously has great genetics and as well he is a cancer survivor.

Dennis claims or you can say is so sure that Timms is a natural bodybuilder that he is ready to put $10,000 or more on the line for anybody that is able to prove that he is wrong.

Are you up to the challenge? as Dennis says “put your money where your mouth is!!”

Dennis James: Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the future of Classic Physique who is 100% lifetime natural believe it or not, a cancer survivor and still active duty Air Force. So far he did one classic physique show and won the overall, now the goal is to get the pro card in the next attempt and then qualify for the Classic Physique Olympia. Mark my words and remember the name Robert Timms.



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