ronnie coleman Feb 198X Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman published another update for all his fans showing that he is making progress slowly.

He still needs help to get out of his wheelchair, but he is making progress… and that is what is most important.

This is what Ronnie had to say:

Trying my best to get back to walking again. This is just another progress report as I promised you guys I would do from time to time. This is my first time on the treadmill and although I did 7 minutes, only 6 seconds was recorded. After I did those 7 minutes I was totally exhausted for the rest of the day. Just got my schedule for tomorrow and the treadmill is on it again. I will do much better the 2nd time around. I’m going for 15 minutes which means I will do 15 minutes or more. Pray for me y’all, I mean if you like. I will walk before I leave this hospital.


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