8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman has managed to make his way back to the gym after a number of serious operations.

In the last couple of years, Coleman has had not one but seven surgeries. On his official Instagram page, Coleman said the the most difficult operation was the last one he did. A procedure in his back that had a 2 level fusion with 6 screws, 2 very large cages and 2 very large spacers.

Coleman still can’t walk unassisted, but he has promised he will be walking on his own soon.

Ronnie does not seem to want to quit. The fact is that a person can only go so far in the sport of bodybuilding and the human body can only take so much abuse.

Is Ronnie taking it a bit too far? Well from what we are seeing he looks happy and if he is happy everybody is happy. But after seven surgeries… it makes one think if it is all worth it.

This is what Coleman posted on his social media:

It’s my first day back training at the gym after a 6 months layoff. Yes I know I am very small and I’ve lost a ton of weight but I know with some hard work and dedication I’ll get my size back. I didn’t win 8 Mr Olympia’s by not having faith and not training my butt off so I know I’ll get back where I want to be. I’ve had 7 surgeries so far with this last one being the most difficult and taking the hardest toll on my body. That’s what a 2 level fusion with 6 screws, 2 very large cages and 2 very large spacers will do to you. I’m still not walking unassisted but I will get back to normal walking just like I will get back to my normal size. Phil 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. #yeahbuddy