WATCH: Schwarzenegger invites you to the 2018 Arnold Classic Europe.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was busy uploading videos this week on his official social media pages.

Arnold uploaded his usual inspirational training videos and as well an invitation to the 2018 Arnold Classic Europe.

This year the Arnold Classic Europe will be slightly different as it will be totally run under the watchful eye of the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro.

Since the  split between the IFBB and NPC/IFBB Pro League, the IFBB has successfully started their own Pro League. is proud to say that they have covered all the Arnold Classic contests this year, regardless of which federation is running it. It is sad to say that the major websites in the USA have decided to abandon the Arnold Classic Africa, Brazil and most probably the Arnold Classic Europe as well just because they are run under another federation.

IFBB President Dr Rafael Santonja, his team and the Arnold Sports Festival Committee have made sure the sports festival will be a great success as in previous years.

Enjoy the biggest multisport event in Europe with more than 50 sport disciplines in the multi-sport area, year after year a larger number of activities are being organized. You will be able to enjoy scheduled activities, seminars, master classes, championships, and exhibitions.

The IFBB Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships will have more than 1,200 athletes.

A new edition of the Arnold Fighters will be included in the sports program.

Find out all about the competition by clicking HERE.