Giannis Magkos, the Greek bodybuilder that was recently banned for life after attacking IFBB judges and slapping show MC Armando Marquez was interviewed by Dave Palumbo on (Read more: Bodybuilder throws tables and slaps show MC in face at 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup Greece)

The disgraced athlete talked about the incident, explaining is side of the story.

Giannis Magkos talked about how he defeated the competitor that eventually went on to defeat him a day after at the 2016 Diamond Cup in Greece.

In bodybuilding many athletes have won on one day and lost on the next. It is a normal situation in the sport.

Giannis is insisting that he should of won and alleged that IFBB President Rafael Santonja wanted him to lose.

As well, the highlight of the interview was his scathing comments regarding the slapping incident. Giannis Magkos did not apologize and stated he has no intention to do so.

Giannis insisted that he should of won his pro card as if the IFBB were obliged to give it to him.

Comments like this confirms that the IFBB were correct in giving Giannis a lifetime ban.

There is no room in the IFBB for such abusive athletes that have no respect. To be a pro, you have to act like a pro and Giannis is nowhere close to being one.

His actions were disgraceful and he proved that he does not belong in the IFBB with the attitude that he has.