WATCH: Shawn Ray talks to Sergio Oliva Jr. before is Pro debut

Sergio Oliva Jr. interviewed

Sergio Oliva Jr. interviewed

As Sergio Oliva Jr. prepares for his IFBB Pro debut in New York, he takes a look back while moving forward.
A child of two bodybuilders, Sergio knows that genetics only get you so far. It then takes will, work and hunger to be a champion. He has had no help, no sponsor and no free ride – but his upbringing has made him a stronger, better person – truly making his mark on bodybuilding
Why go up against the big guys in New York for a Pro debut? Sergio Oliva Jr. has a very good answer; and while he may not be the biggest guy on the stage, he wants his conditioning to remind people of what is missing in bodybuilding today.

See what questions IFBB Shawn Ray puts towards Sergio Oliva Jr.

Source: Muscular Development