If you follow any of the bodybuilding shows on RXMuscle.com, you surely have heard Chris Aceto and Dave Palumbo talk about or imitate bodybuilding guru George Farah.

Some might believe they hate each other or some might think it is just done for fun.

This weekend at the 2016 San Marino Pro, Dave Palumbo and George Farah came face to face and it looks like there is definitely no bad blood between each other.

First we had the famous ‘Guru Wars’ – Guru Wars: Chris Aceto and George Farah clash in Brazil and now we have Dave Palumbo morphed into George Farah, imitating the Pro Maker. This was uploaded on Chris Aceto’s official Instagram page

This is what Chris had to say:

therealtechnician: Shout out to my brotha George Farah ! George is ” Teflon ” we make fun of him and love to do that but he keeps on rolling and turning out champs like Kai Greene and that son of bitch human cash register also known as Dexter Jackson! Damn you all !@georgefarah_guru @officialkaigreene @mrolympia08

Now, if this was done immediately after they met or with him there, that we do not know. What we know is that this adds a bit of fun to a sport that is taken too seriously on many occasions. It is great to see the funny side of it.