William ‘The Conqueror’ Bonac is on a mission to finish on top at the 2018 Arnold Classic USA.

William Bonac is one of the top bodybuilders in the world at the moment. Finishing third at the 2018 Mr. Olympia cemented his status as a contender for any title.

According to many in the industry, Bonac could of easily finished second at the Olympia or even challenged for the victory.

Bonac under the watchful eye of Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill is already looking fantastic approximately 10-weeks out.

Footage released on his official Instagram page shows William going through some back exercises.

William is full of quality muscle on such a small frame and it is very difficult to find any defects in the guy.

Can he challenge for the victory at the 2018 Arnold Classic? Definitely he can, as he has brushed aside the main contenders that are competing as well in previous competitions. With the 2017 winner Cedric McMillan finishing 10th at the Olympia and Bonac finishing in third place, this leaves the door open for a big surprise.

William Bonac has cemented his status as the modern day ‘Giant Killer’!


Conqueror  Conqueror