padilla, mahmut irmak

Kevin Grech

Today bodybuilding is all about beating the big guy. Today Phil Heath is the man to beat, Kai Greene is bigger, but Phil Heath is still unbeatable.

It is a good sign that the judges are looking at the whole picture, as size is not everything.
In the late 70’s and 80’s we had the great Danny Padilla. When Danny hit the mark, he looked amazing on stage, it was a shame that he was not given more exposure. He had a great physique and he could of went against anybody.

Today, especially in Europe and places like Egypt, Turkey and the other Arab nations the quality of bodybuilding is just amazing.
The condition of these athletes, not only match the Americans and Canadians but it can be said that they surpass them.

The amateur level in the IFBB is just fantastic and it is just exciting watching these shows, as the quality and condition of these bodybuilders are just amazing.
For example a athlete that I have been promoting a lot lately Mahmut Irmak to me is the ‘Giant Killer’ of the modern day, at 165lbs he might be small, but he looks massive.

Just one look at Mahmu Irmak and you really can’t find a defect on this bodybuilder. His posing is elegant and smooth. He looks great from every angle.
Imagine Mahmut on stage as a IFBB Pro, maybe a little bit more size, but not too much to distort his perfect lines. He can go up against anybody.

Even on Facebook, comments from the one and only Milos Sarcev saying that Mahmut is just amazing makes you think. Now Milos has seen everything in his career, but giving a compliment like that means a lot.

We need that kind of quality on the IFBB Pro stage and this way the judges will start to look at physiques from a different angle.

The situation must change on the stage, the focus must not be on the massive look. Getting this massive look is taking away a lot of condition that we used to adore before. The vacuum pose is practically gone, those ripped ab poses are gone as well.

The fine detail that was reached after a intense diet seems to have slipped away.

I think it is about time the IFBB PRO division sit down and take a look of the condition of the athletes on the IFBB Amateur circuit, as they can learn a lot from them!