While reading message after message on social media of everybody wishing each other Happy Thanksgiving, we came across a very rare post from the ‘Pro Maker’ George Farah.

The super guru wished everybody a Happy Thanksgiving by posting on his Facebook page.

George then went on to say that he has been quiet on social media due to the fact that he had some minor health set backs.

It is known that in 1997 he was shot at three times in a robbery attempt. He was hit in neck and in the stomach. And went through a long recovery process, but still made it to the Olympia stage in 2002.

What is the problem with George now? Could it be related to his past injuries?

Not much can be said on the matter, but George mentioned it and it makes you wonder what is wrong with the super guru.

We wish George a speedy recovery and hope to see him at the next pro show helping out his athletes.

George Farah’s message:
I want to take a moment on this beautiful day to thank all of my loyal fans & friends for always being there for me despite not being as active in my social media lately due to a few minor health set backs.
We praise God even tough we will never understand what He has in plan for each and every one of us.
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all and go ahead and enjoy that dessert you have been waiting desperately to destroy.