Bodybuilding Meets Opera – 2018 Austrian International Championships

When Bodybuilding Meets Opera – The 2018 Austrian International Championships.

By Wolfgang Schober (PhD)

Bregenz, the lovely capital of Austria´s most western province is famous for its “Festival on Lake Constance”.

This year “Carmen”, the opera by French composer George Bizet is scheduled. But before opera-stars take to the stage to sound their wonderful voices, the IFBB-Austria was on their stage.

Between the 28 – 29 of April the IFBB-Austria “Muscle Weekend” was organized with two championships taking place in one weekend. The Talents Cup, an event for Austrian’s who have never competed before and as well the International Austrian Championships.

This was a first as never before a bodybuilding federation was given the green light to organize a muscle contest in an opera house. All 207 participating athletes from seven nations – Germany, Italy, Lichtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and of course Austria participated in a event that would re-write sports history.

The event had everything a good opera would have; great performances on stage, excitement, emotion, drama and of course a great ending.

Photos: Anja Köhler, Silvia Schober


Bodybuilding Meets Opera – 2018 Austrian International Championships