Earlier this week, world renowned trainer Neil Hill released some photos of 212 Olympia Champion Flex Lewis on his Instagram page just days after his wedding.

Immediately from these photos you can see that Flex has some massive size.

After seeing Mark Dugdale dominate the 212 class in recent contests, after seeing the recent photo of Flex makes you ask some questions.

As usual we have big respect for all the athletes, but this is a sport that is judged on what you see. After seeing the photos of Flex, we must ask, who the hell is going to come close to him?

Flex looks to be on his way to win another 212 Olympia title… and then what?

With all his size and great proportions, Flex can be a serious threat on the Olympia stage. Shawn Ray was always in the mix with bodybuilders twice his size and Flex can possibly to the same thing.

From the recent photos, it even looks like Flex will have a challenge to lose the weight to qualify for the 212 class. Flex has crazy genetics and why not utilize it and go for it in the open class.

Flex Lewis has absolutely nothing to lose as he is a proven champion at the Olympia and the Arnold Classic.

We believe he should go for it and show the world he has what it takes to go up against the elite.

flex lewis 2 july 2016