By Kevin Grech

This week, we lost another bodybuilder at a very young age. Canadian Greg Kovacs died of a heart attack at the very young age of 44.

Greg was a monster of a bodybuilder at his prime and at one time the biggest and strongest around.

Obviously Greg did things his own way without any limits and in the year 2013 we don’t need to hide certain things, especially in this sport.

Who knows how many people die at that age, but certain things can be avoided.

Everybody has the right to do what they want with their own body, but if these people are ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle this surely is not the way to go.

When you see the image of health walking up the stairs and losing their breath or having to rest after walking a bit, this surely makes you say ‘what the hell is going on”.

The IFBB should have a scheduled test for all their Pro bodybuilders to make sure their athletes are in the best of shape.

If the bodybuilder is active this should be a must, and if the bodybuilder is still active in the industry promoting the IFBB, certain guidelines should be kept up.

I grew up seeing these bodybuilders as the perfect example of a healthy lifestyle, but when all of a sudden they start dropping dead at such a young age, we have to start opening our eyes.

Do we need to see these bodybuilders at such a heavy weight? I have mentioned this before in my blog that the human body can only get so much bigger.

Bodybuilding has to go in the direction of a more healthier look. We must go back to the 80’s-90’s  look. The bodybuilders looked so much healthier with a streamlined physique. The mid-section was always in perfect condition with the vacuum poses being a norm.

I love the sport of bodybuilding and nothing will change that, but we have to push the sport towards a healthier lifestyle for the fans and most importantly the competitors. It is a joy to see the competitor like Dexter, Cutler and Freeman on stage in their 40’s. This is a great example of what the sport can do for you…. BUT it has to be done in a safe manner.

Even the new system of qualifying for the Olympia. Yes the fans get to see more of their favorite bodybuilders because they have to compete more to gain more points, but these bodybuilders have to stay in shape longer during the year and this surely puts more stress on the competitor’s body.

The only people that can fix this problem is the IFBB. I think it is time they worry about the health of the bodybuilders and put their heads together to find a solution for this problem before more get hurt or die!!