GURU WARS: Neil Hill or Chris Aceto – Who’s coaching Big Ramy?

The Big Ramy coaching controversy continues in the 2019 season.

In an article previously published by, Neil Hill confirmed in a recent interview that he is still the coach of Big Ramy and the only news that he can give is that Big Ramy took some time off.

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It was confirmed by Neil Hill that he suggested to Big Ramy to take the rest of the 2019 season off. This suggestion by Neil Hill is valid for many reasons.

Big Ramy seems to still be devastated by his sixth place finish at the 2018 Mr. Olympia and as well, he is still recovering from a shoulder injury. Basically, Big Ramy still needs time off to recuperate mentally and physically. As well, it was also confirmed that he left Bader Boodai’s Oxygen Gym.

All this drama should of ended with the latest interview with Neil Hill.

Neil confirmed the situation in detail, but it seems some other media outlets decided to add more unwanted drama to this delicate situation.

Nick Trigilli is the main source for stirring up a lot of controversy regarding the coaching situation of Big Ramy.

In a number of video blogs, Nick is insisting that Big Ramy has left Neil Hill and teamed up again with Chris Aceto.

Chris Aceto immediately denied these accusations in a recent interview with Dave Palumbo and Nick fired back by saying Dave’s show is ‘bullshit’.

Obviously these two media outlets are creating a lot of controversy  and confustion regarding this situation. The bodybuilding world and probably Neil Hill himself are very confused about this situation.

Nick Trigilli is putting his reputation on the line by insisting that Big Ramy has changed coaches.

Either Nick has a source that has no idea what he or she is talking about or Nick is just trying to stir up some controversy.

This is what Nick Trigilli posted on his official Instagram page about this situation:

nickworldclass Here are your screenshots of why Ramy left Neil. You guys will see in the near future the truth come out. I was the first one to report Ramy hiring Neil before anyone, and I’ll be the first one to report this, despite what Chris said on Dave bullshit show. They just like to stir the pot and make people look bad, especially attacking me because Dave sees me as a threat to him. It’s all silly games and immature games on there part .

Be honest and think for a second, we clearly know Ramy and Neil aren’t working together, so where is Ramy going to go?? Back to oxygen gym? No, so who is left ?!? Chris is the only other person to get Ramy in shape. So of course he’s going to go back to Chris. Chris knows what he’s doing. Ramy cannot coach himself people!! And obviously he needs direction. So as of right now, your telling me Ramy isn’t following anyone’s guidance? He’s a top contender in the WORLD for the Olympia title . We aren’t talking about a amateur here! .  THINK ABOUT IT!!

As we indicated in our previous article related to this situation, until we hear it from Neil Hill or Big Ramy himself, Neil Hill is still officially the coach of Big Ramy!

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