Vitamin C Helps Exercises

Why Vitamin C Helps in Your Regular Exercises.

The many functions of vitamin C in your body aids in quick post-exercise recovery. You need vitamin C to absorb iron to gain energy. Vitamin C is also responsible for collagen, which is a protein that develops the skin, your muscles, as well as tendons. All these aids in the growth of your body muscle and tissue repair after you are done with exercising. Antioxidant properties are also present in vitamin C to guard your cells from free radicals. These radicals come as a result of injury, stress, pollutants, and more.

Here are some reasons why vitamin C is critical for your body during exercises:

Anti-oxidant properties

Exercise is good at increasing oxidative stress that arises after your body converts food into energy. A person who is physically unfit, or doesn’t take enough antioxidants in their body can suffer from free radical damage. However, taking vitamin C releases antioxidants and is good for a person who exercises regularly, thus boosting their ability to fight free radicals. This minimizes the effects of free radical production. The vitamin also helps reduce muscle soreness, as well as cortisol the stress ‘hormone.’ Cortisol is usually released when you are exercising, although the levels can remain high, thus limiting testosterone levels and muscle growth. Vitamin C and workouts help with protein metabolism, so there is a benefit when taking post-exercise protein-filled meals.

Cold and flu 

People taking Vitamin C, or the best liposomal vitamin c supplement helps in warding off colds and flu. However, no studies have proved that vitamin C prevents or cures illnesses. But there is proof from those taking vitamin C as an effective way of reducing colds. According to numerous researches, Vitamin C also reduces the magnitude of colds by 50% in sportspersons. So, if you are always working out, you can benefit from Vitamin C. According to the latest scientific findings, vitamin C is beneficial for most people engaging in regular, or strenuous activities. If you are such a candidate, it will be best for you to increase your Vitamin C intake. Examples of vitamin-C rich foods are peppers, strawberries, kales, and oranges, among others.

Healthy heart

According to a new study, researchers found out that vitamin C supplements boost blood vessel function, which lowers endothelin activity. Also, a daily intake of vitamin C minimized endothelin-related vessel tightening in exercise, as well as walking participants. Vitamin C intake has been known to reduce blood vessel constriction in obese people, however, you need to supplement it with exercise. You can get vitamin C in pill form or through foods, bent with exercises to keep your body fit.

Working out not only builds your muscle mass, but also volume. It enhances proper brain function, as well as keeping your metabolism revved up. Also, exercising enables your respiratory and cardiac health to function well. If you combine the workouts with vitamin C foods or an enhancement like the best liposomal vitamin c supplement, it will improve your health and physical fitness.