William Bonac wins

RESULTS: William Bonac wins the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia.

William Bonac is the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia winner. Bonac has now won the Arnold Classic contest on two occasions in his career.

It was a tough decision between William and Cedric McMillan for who would take the top spot.

A much improved Roelly WInklaar managed to finish in third after a poor result at the Arnold Classic USA a few weeks before.

Top 6 Results:
1 William Bonac
2 Cedric McMillan
3 Roelly WInklaar
4 Josh Lenartowicz
5 Luke Sandow
6 Steve Orton

Fitness Results
1 Ryall Graber
2 Whitney Jones
3 Missy Farrell-Truscott
4 Kate Errington
5 Kristy Fenster-Avery
6 Carly Dunn

Figure Results
1 Jessica Reyes Padilla
2 Bojana Vasiljevic
3 Tarryn Garlington
4 Camala Rodriguez
5 Carly Starling-Horrell
6 Yvette Brown

Bikini Results
1 Janet Layug
2 Lauralie Chapados
3 Breena Martinez
4 Ness Herrera
5 Ha Neul Seong
6 Regina Tan

Full results will be uploaded shortly


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