RESULTS: Slovakia, Iran and China dominate first day of IFBB World Championships.

The first day of the 2018 IFBB World Amateur Championships of Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding and the Men’s Physique World Cup was an exciting event.

The best amateurs in the world took to the stage to compete in one of bodybuilding’s most prestigious event.

On the first day the events were Classic Bodybuilding, the first ever Classic Men’s Physique World Championships and as well Men’s Physique.

Iran’s Vahid Badpi was the overall winner of the 2018 Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Amateur World Championship.

Vahid presented a perfect physique that presented all the characteristics of classic bodybuilding. Some of the best athletes in the bodybuilding world have come out of Iran and Vahid is now a part of this successful family of athletes.

Peter Tatarka from Slovakia was the winner of the first ever World Classic Physique Amateur Championship.

Presenting good size and balance, Peter immediately was a contender for the overall size.

Looking to have all the characteristics of a bodybuilder, Peter managed to add the classic element to his physique, especially when he displayed his classic poses and the famous vacuum pose, which he did perfectly.

The vacuum pose and a classic pose are a must in Classic Physique bodybuilding with the IFBB and Peter is a perfect reference point for this.

Moving towards the IFBB Men’s Physique World Cup, China’s Liu Maoyi was took home the title.

All the competitors in this class presented some fantastic physiques, but Liu had the perfect balance.

The Men’s Physique can be a difficult category as the athlete has to present good quality muscle but at the same time not going overboard. Liu on the day had everything that the judges wanted.

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