5 Ways To Setup Your Bodyweight Workout For Mass

Many of the members of the bodybuilding community will always rely on the iron and the bars, which makes the “iron prison” such a place to build some rock-hard muscle. People believe, I myself included, that to gain true strength and muscle mass is only through the use of barbells and dumbbells – nothing beats the classics. We are right, but at the same time, we are also misinformed. There are other ways you can pack muscle, and one of them is bodyweight exercises, also known as, calisthenics.

I will share my knowledge to you on how to execute them and combine it with your weight training for optimal results. There are several ways you can be creative with your workouts, including, bodyweight and weight training. Have an open mind about the topic, and you will be guaranteed with the results you have ever dreamed of.

Bodyweight Workout

5 Bodyweight Training Tips

  1. Make It First In Line
  • Let us say that you are going to do a back day or a pulling day, make the pull-ups one of the first exercises in your arsenal. Why? Envision that there is no support when you do a bodyweight training, unless, you are planning to do a scaled down variation. There are a lot of muscle groups involved not just the Lats and Arms when you do it, yet it is the focused area when it is executed.
  1. Plan A Day For it
  • It is also recommended to have your bodyweight training separate from your weight training. We are not just talking about getting the muscle and the strength, but also trying to master the skill and technique itself. You can use different tools and equipment to aid your progression with the exercise.
  • Another reason to have it isolated is that you can work all of the motions you want without thinking about the heavy load as you would with weights. It is more of a psychological visualization to mentally prepare for the day.
  1. Patience is Key
  • Have the proper attitude to work everything one step at a time. It might only be that your pre-workout is kicking in too much, but ensure that you do everything with proper form and technique without rushing things with your skill level. You can’t initially do a muscle-up without mastering the pull-up, especially when you’re a beginner, so be patient with your goals.
  1. Paused, Controlled, and Negative Reps
  • It is to help you stimulate your muscle tissues for the movement. It helps you stabilize the muscles that are activated in the movement while trying to complete a repetition. When you include tempo reps in your exercises, it lets your Type 1 muscle fibers absorb all the blood and sarcoplasm, and attain a muscle fatigue stage. It is relative to building strength so that your muscle can withstand more volume along your training sessions.
  • With the negative reps, it brings your muscle to failure. It basically means that we are trying to utilize the entirety of the muscle and gain endurance in the long run. We want to accomplish as much reps as we can for bodyweight exercises as it requires, stamina and power.
  1. Have Different Training Places
  • The fitness center is not only the place to be to do calisthenics. I am sure that you have seen videos in YouTube where people train in the parks where there are bars. As a matter of fact, there are still a lot of possibilities you can do in the jungle bars than in a regular fitness center. You won’t obstruct anyone’s working space – I might add.
  • For a change, you can try and enroll yourself in a Cro0073sfFit box as they also have variants of gymnastic movements. You can master your own body’s strength in their gymnastic skill sessions. Movements such handstand push-ups, pull-up variations, muscle-up progressions, and ring works are taught in their classes.

Excellent Bodyweight Workouts

  1. DipsBodyweight Workout
  • Dip exercises a lot of muscle groups that work together, in order to, complete a rep properly. Many people think that it is the lower pectoral muscles and the triceps that work, but the traps, abdominals, and deltoid work actively as well. Moreover, it helps you stabilize the duration of the exercise
  • Take note, Dips is not for everyone. Some people can be prone to injury when you do the said workout.
  1. Hanging L-Sit HoldsBodyweight Workout
  • In my opinion, one of the greatest abdominal strength builder that can help you progress in heavy squats. Whether you are doing it on parallel bars or a standard pull-bar, it would be best to record how long you can hold the position for. Getting ready for a beach summer body? Then I suggest to hang and L-sit!
  1. Pull-UpsBodyweight Workout
  • Of course, we can leave out one of the all-time bodyweight exercise favorite. There are plenty of variations you can do with the pull-ups depending on which muscle group you want to emphasize on. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you can use a spotter or a resistance band to guide you up and build your strength for it.
  1. Bulgarian Split SquatsBodyweight Workout
  • In place of lunges, Bulgarian split squats is an underrated workout to isolate each leg respectively. It also activates your core and engages your stabilization muscle to keep you in place without wobbling within each repetition. If you think that it is too easy for you, try holding your hands overhead; it will make a huge difference than having your arms dangling down.
  1. Muscle-UpsBodyweight Workout
  • The mentioned exercise is an advanced movement that will truly test if you mastered your body’s strength. It is a pulling and pushing exercise in one repetition. It is not for beginners, but let it be a part of your goal to achieve one.


You have just been given knowledge about packing muscle mass by doing bodyweight exercises. There are still plenty of workouts out there that can give you total mastery of your body’s strength. Be sure to train efficiently and properly, and don’t forget about your diet, nutrition, and recovery.

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Gregory is a chief editor at ConstructMuscles.com. He spends half of my time on his blog while the other half on being a physical fitness trainer. Believing in the great benefits of bodybuilding and fitness to the body, he has been motivated to become a fitness enthusiast. Stay Connected to him on Twitter.