A List Of Effective Ways To Alleviate Pain Without Taking Medication.

By Allen Brown

If there is one thing in life that every person wishes to escape, it is having to endure any form of physical pain!

The truth is, pain can strike at any given time and whether it be something minor such as a burn from the stove or more on the severe side like being riddled with arthritis, it certainly does send a shock to the system and can be extremely difficult to bear, to say the least!

Let’s face it, every person has felt it, experienced that nasty sting or overpowering ache that cries out from the area of injury, sending immense SOS signals straight to the brain.

Pain Short-Lived Or Long-Term Can Negatively Affect Quality of Life!

The truth is, whether it be short-lived or a life-long chronic condition, pain can be frankly, a terrible burden to carry. It can weigh heavily on the shoulders, becoming both an immense physical and emotional strain, affecting a person’s quality of life. Pain can make you feel trapped, hopeless, and have no lease on life and without a doubt, can place extreme restrictions on a person’s ability to live throughout each and every day! Yes, pain certainly is everybody’s living nightmare!


Now, having to cope with agony day in and day out can be a tiring and ultimately draining experience indeed and when the excruciating pain has outstayed its welcome for far too long, people everywhere pray for the solution that will end their constant suffering. Some people choose to take to their local chemist, in search of that pain-relieving remedy, others may make a visit to their GP, in the hope to acquire the meds that will finally eliminate their misery. However, did you know that physical pain can be successfully relieved without the need to medicate? It’s true!

The alternatives really are endless and whether you are a sufferer of arthritis or have continuous knee problems there are non-medicated methods that do actually work. There are many specialist sites like that of Knee Force that pride themselves on delivering helpful and vital information on tackling knee pain without the use of meds and there are also many therapy options out there to aid you in conquering that agony once and for all! Here are some effective ways to banish away that pain without taking any medication.

Physical/Occupational Therapy

Now both of these forms of therapy really can be the ultimate solution when fighting the battle against continuous pain. A physical therapist will work with you to both strengthen and stretch the problem areas, guiding you through specific exercise techniques designed to not only strengthen the area but also enhance your mobility. Doing so will not only result in alleviating that formidable pain but can also make a huge impact on preventing the pain from returning in the future. An occupational therapist will spend their time learning you to adopt particular techniques that you can perform on a daily basis, activities that will not antagonize your current pain.

Regular Exercise

You may think that physical activity is well out of the question when you are suffering from extreme pain however, you could not be more wrong. It is proven that regular, gentle activities that include swimming, cycling, and walking can actually aid in your recovery and cause a welcome halt to the vicious circle of pain you have been enduring. Exercising is especially evident in reducing chronic pain in many conditions including arthritis.

Cold and Heat

This pain-relieving method has been tried and tested for many years and is one of the most effective methods known to alleviate pain without the need for medication. By applying a homemade cold or hot pack, the pain can be almost instantaneously dampened down and relieved. Always apply cold packs to areas that have sustained an acute injury or are inflamed and apply heat to stiffness and muscle pain. Also, if you find your own pack isn’t as effective as you would like, you can always consult the many physiotherapists for their alternative forms of this treatment that will aim to penetrate much deeper into the muscle and the surrounding tissue.

Therapeutic Massage

Now, we are all guilty of enjoying a little TLC and indulging in a little massage therapy every once in a while and the truth is, it certainly does wonders for both the soul and the body! Massage therapy is hands down one of the most successful and enjoyable ways to relieve pain by working to alleviate that tension from the muscles and the joints. Not only does it do our bodies the absolute world of good but it possesses many other benefits such as releasing any built-up tension from stress and anxiety. Making it the ultimate therapy for our overall well-being!

So bear in mind, whenever you feel you are losing the battle against that excruciating pain, there are ways and means you can alleviate your suffering without the need for medication! By simply choosing to partake in a little therapy, applying a cold or hot pack when required, or throwing yourself into a little gentle exercise, you can soon be on your way to winning the battle and banishing that nightmare pain.

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