Bodybuilding spectacle Australia's Season

Bodybuilding spectacle at Australia’s ‘Season A’ Pro qualifiers.

The 2021 bodybuilding and fitness competition season has already started thankfully, even though we have an uphill battle due to the Covid-19 pandemic still causing problems.

Tony Doherty and his team have been organizing state qualifiers and pro qualifiers in the last couple of weeks.

The NPC/Pro League’s latest pro qualifier in Australia was organized on 6 March, 2021.

The NPC/Pro League have a number of new pro athletes ready to compete on the pro circuit in the near future.

The latest pro qualifier took place in Queensland, at the Sleeman Sports Complex.

With the Covid-19 restrictions paralyzing the fitness industry in Australia lifted, Tony Doherty went straight to work, organizing the 2021 competition season in regards to the NPC/Pro League.

For the time being, with the Arnold Classic Australia on hold, Australian’s pro athletes will have to wait for another Australian Pro show to be organized, or travel to near by countries to compete at pro events.

Australia’s newest bodybuilding sensation is Brad Dwight. Brad won the overall bodybuilding title to earn his NPC/Pro League title.

Ethan Gohar earned his pro card in the Classic Physique division.

Fabrizio Dos Asiedu earned his pro card in the Men’s Physique division while Jessica Johnson earned her pro card in the Bikini division.

Kelly Sammut is a new pro in the Women’s Figure division.

Kristyn Lia won her pro card in the Women’s Physique division.

Finally, Danai Theodoropoulou is a new Wellness pro.

A pro bikini event was also organized with Melissa Carver earning her ticket to the 2021 Olympia Weekend.

2021 IFBB Australia Pro Qualifier ‘Season A’ Results

Bodybuilding Juniors
1st – Logan Serafin
2nd – Cameron Whitters
3rd – Oliver Sheldrick

Bodybuilding Masters
1st – Stefano Ristas
2nd – Michael Crandell
3rd – Paul Burich

Bodybuilding Novice
1st – David Badragheh
2nd – Roman Sidiki
3rd – Dilhan Lamb

Bodybuilding U/70kg
1st – Simon Gai

Bodybuilding U/80kg
1st – Prabhjot Singh
2nd – Pat Frusciante
3rd – Bobby Randall

Bodybuilding U/90kg
1st – Dylan Mendelson
2nd – Shane Girdlestone
3rd – Trent Rogaris

Bodybuilding Under/100kg
1st – Brad Dwight
2nd – Ariel Dencio
3rd – Nathan Falcke

Bodybuilding Over/100kg
1st – Mike Pearson
2nd – Sean Berman

Classic Physique Novice
1st – Keith Bhojwani
2nd – Sadaqat Hussain
3rd – Shane Girdlestone

Classic Physique Open A
1st – Ethan Gohari
2nd – Jay Jayasundara Bandara
3rd – Pat Frusciante

Classic Physique Open B
1st – Simon Giacomotto
2nd – Marcus Tripp
3rd – Liam Chenery

Men’s Physique Masters
1st – Shapour Khosravi
2nd – Arnaud Theophile
3rd – Shayne Coleman

Men’s Physique Novice
1st – Sadaqat Hussain
2nd – Sam Al Sabonchi
3rd – Nathan Spehr

Men’s Physique Open B
1st – Fabrizio Dos Santos
2nd – Patrick Asiedu
3rd – Rodolfo Ribeiro

Bikini Juniors
1st – Viktorija Ceceleva
2nd – Vibbie Flinn
3rd – Samantha Wicks

Bikini Masters
1st – Emma Bowman
2nd – Viviana Ochoa
3rd – Veneza Macauba

Bikini Novice A
1st – Jess Greene
2nd – Kate Williamson
3rd – Kimmi Devine

Bikini Novice B
1st – Olivia Spargo
2nd – Viktorija Ceceleva
3rd – Montana Owens

Bikini Open A
1st – Jess Greene
2nd – Kate Williamson
3rd – Priscilla Escobar

Bikini Open B
1st – Taylor Madison
2nd – Prudence Tyler
3rd – Emma Bowman

Bikini Open C
1st – Jessica Johnson
2nd – Olivia Spargo
3rd – Viktorija Ceceleva

Figure Masters
1st – Glenda Avalos
2nd – Angela Coley
3rd – Sharon Ricardo

Figure Novice
1st – Kat Trace
2nd – Donna Nedic
3rd – Nana Khodrang

Figure Open
1st – Kelly Sammut
2nd – Glenda Avalos
3rd – Amelia Burghardt

Women’s Physique
1st – Kristyn Lia
2nd – Catherine Castles
3rd – Kristen Scott

Wellness Novice
1st – Thaila Macedo
2nd – Mileena Guerin De Lima Sales
3rd – Annie Rendle-Short

Wellness Open
1st – Danai Theodoropoulou
2nd – Alicia Self
3rd – Thaila Macedo

2021 Australian Pro Bikini
1st – Melissa Carver
2nd – Aleksandra Banda
3rd – Jessica Johnson
4th – Stephanie Kalms
5th – Claire Bonaccorso