Coronavirus (Covid-10) takes life

Coronavirus (Covid-19) takes the life of bodybuilder and his father.

The horrible coronavirus (Covid-19) has been killing thousands at a very fast rate all over the world, but especially in Europe.

Italy and Spain are the worst hit European countries in regards to the high death rate.

The bodybuilding world is in shock to hear the news about the death of Italian amateur bodybuilder Pasquale Gallace.

Pasquale Gallace life was taken away at the age of 44 because of this deadly virus.

What is more shocking is that Pasquale was already mourning the death of his father because of the same virus just 10 days earlier.

Bodybuilding fans and friends flooded social media with messages of condolences to Pasquale’s family and friends.

According to friends and family, Pasquale was in perfect health.

This is proof that this horrible virus does only attack the weak, but also can kill the healthy athletic person. sends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Pasquale and his father during this terrible time.