Physiotherapy Bodybuilders Prevent Muscle Tear

How Physiotherapy Can Help Bodybuilders Prevent Muscle Tear

Bodybuilders spend long hours in the gym. They undergo a series of rigorous training to develop bigger and better-toned muscles and acquire a sculpted physique. These people know everything about the gym and bodybuilding equipment. But when it comes to physiotherapy, they know very little. Only a few have taken advantage of the benefits that they can get from visiting a physiotherapy clinic. Here are 6 ways how physiotherapy can help bodybuilders prevent muscle tear and serious injuries.

  1. Selecting Warm-up Exercises to Suit A Bodybuilder’s Body and Injury History

If you are a bodybuilder, there is no doubt that you are working with a trainer or coach. Your coach can guide you regarding the training program that is best for you and motivate you to achieve your bodybuilding goals. On the other hand, a physiotherapist understands how your joints, muscles, and ligaments work together and he can recommend the right warm-up exercise for you. Once your muscles, joints, and ligaments are primed for the upcoming assault, injury can be prevented no matter how rigorous your training routine can be.

  1. Programming and Selection of Exercises

One group of athletes that suffers a lot from injuries is the bodybuilders. They have to push themselves to the limit if they want to develop impressive muscles and attain a sculpted body. Their desire to exceed their previous record makes them prone to injuries and muscle tear.

Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, a bodybuilder can shift to other exercises that can target a muscle group without putting pressure on an injured part. For example, if one feels pain on his hip when performing the squat, a different exercise that does not put too much pressure on the hip can be chosen.

  1. Choosing the Right Technique

Using the right technique when lifting weights and doing other exercises that can help develop big and well-toned muscles can be dangerous if you do not use the right technique. Bodybuilders are judged by their physique rather than by how heavy a weight they can lift. They can decide the best technique to use so that they can lift the weights without suffering from a torn or strained muscle. Your physiotherapists are experts when it comes to choosing the right technique to use to build more muscles without hurting yourself.

  1. Making You Aware of Your Body

Physiotherapists such as those coming from physio in Footscray can teach you how to understand the pain that you feel and to listen to your body. Feeling pain after an exercise is normal especially for bodybuilders. However, you must learn to distinguish between normal pain and one that signals a serious injury. A physiotherapy specialist can help you in finding out the kind of pain that you have. If it is caused by injured tissue, ligament, or joint, you can slow down and wait until the pain goes away before performing challenging routines again.

  1. Managing Load

Bodybuilders that take time for a short warm-up exercise and pays attention to the pains in their body can easily avoid muscle tear and other injuries. However, if you have been neglecting warm-ups for a long time and pushed your body despite the pain, you can suffer from injuries that have gradually developed throughout your years of training. To deal with this setback, consulting a physiotherapist can help you to find a solution to your problem. One of these solutions is by making sure that you know how much load you can take in. The scientific way to do this is by finding your Acute Chronic Work Load Ration by comparing your load in the last four weeks to your current load for the week. Getting a ratio of 0.8-1.3 is the safest ratio. If you get more than that, you have a high risk of suffering from serious injury.

  1. Ensuring Injuries Can Never Happen

A bodybuilder that undergoes physiotherapy can avoid getting torn muscles and injures joints and ligaments. Your physiotherapist can give insights on how to remain free from injuries while pursuing your bodybuilding goals. You can get advice on what to do achieve ultimate performance and form without compromising your overall health and safety.

  1. Preventing Injuries from Becoming Worse

If you have been into bodybuilding for quite a long time, you might have injuries that have not yet fully healed. Consulting a physiotherapist can be of help. By telling your therapist your symptoms, he or she would know what needs to be done without using drugs to get rid of the pain.

  1. Freeing You from Joint and Muscle Pains As Years Go By

By undergoing physiotherapy, you can enjoy a pain-free life without taking painkillers. Being a drug dependent can cause more damage than a cure. By maintaining healthy muscles through physical means, you are sure to get the most benefits.

Bodybuilders do not just need an excellent coach or trainer to succeed in his career. An expert physiotherapist can help prevent muscle tear and other injuries that can make you suffer from pain all your life.


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