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Jimmy Lewin recovering after life-threatening health complications.

Fitness star Michelle Lewin has finally some good news to share with her fans and friends after her husband Jimmy Lewin had a major health scare.

Michelle’s husband, fitness/coach Jimmy Lewin ended up in the hospital after suffering from Acute Hepatic Failure, Acute Renal Failure, and Heart Failure with Ascending Aortic Artery Aneurysm and Aortic Dissection.

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After coming close to death, Jimmy’s health has incredibly turned for the better and he will finally be sent home soon to recover.

Even though Jimmy’s health is getting better, he still needs to have cardiothoracic surgery to repair the aneurysm that almost killed him.

Before the operation, his organs have to recover after completely failing just a couple of weeks ago.

Via her social media, Michelle has given a update on the recent condition of Jimmy Lewin.

Michelle thanked all her fans and friends for all their support and prayers in this very difficult situation.

What is very scary about this incident is that just a day before Jimmy ended up in the hospital, he and his wife published videos on their social media just as they normally do everyday of the year.

What happened to Jimmy would normally kill the average person, but thanks to Jimmy’s way of life, his healthy habits and training could have actually been the difference between life and death.

Michelle Lewin’s Update

In her latest post, Michelle published a video of her and Jimmy enjoying a special moment at the hospital.

The smile on Jimmy’s face is proof that he is feeling better and recovering nicely.

First of all, I want to thank each one of you for your messages and the prayers that you send me through private messages. I read and pray along with you.

Jimmy keeps getting better! Doctors say that if he continues as he is going, he is considering finishing his recovery at home, until his organs fully regenerate to plan cardiothoracic surgery and repair the aneurysm.

This has been very strong for me, I feel very emotionally unstable, without understanding anything at all. There are good days and not so good. In all these days I have clung to God, and I have asked him to guide me because I have felt lost and aimless.

It is very ironic to feel that sometimes you have to go through these types of situations to wake up, reflect and realize many things. I have learned a lot in these 20 days.

We learned that we are all so vulnerable and many times we forget that, because we feel strong and healthy.

I understood that while your loved one is still breathing, you cannot lose FAITH, no matter what the people around you tell you. You leave it to God, because only he has the absolute power to change the situation.

I learned that miracles DO EXIST when you speak to God with FAITH, with love.

Finally, I learned that in hard times, we realize who truly appreciates us, like ALL OF YOU.

I know the storm hasn’t passed yet, but my FAITH keeps me upright and positive. Jimmy is a little swollen today, especially in his legs, so they placed an IV diuretic. But he counts the days to get out of the hospital and come home.

Today’s values: in green those that reached normal ✅

⭐Sodium: NORMAL 137 (VN 135-145) ✅
⭐Bilirubin: from 3.2 to 3 (VN 0.1-1.2) ⚠️
⭐AST: equal to 90 (VN 10 -34) ⚠️
⭐ALT: from 191 to 175 (VN 5 -60) ⚠️
⭐Glucose: in 94 (less than 100) ✅
⭐Creatinine: 1.50 equal (VN 0.7-1.3) ⚠️
⭐BUN: 29 (VN 6 to 20 mg / dL) ⚠️
⭐Amonia: 110 to 42 (VN 15 to 45 µ / dL) ✅
⭐PTT: in 31 (VN 25 to 35sec) .✅
⭐INR (TP): 1.39 (VN 0.9 to 1.3) ✅
⭐ PLATE: NORMAL 280 thousand ✅
⭐Hemoglobin 11 ✅
⭐Magnesium at 1.7 normal borderline (VN 1.7 to 2.2 mg / dl) ✅

In the name of God! Let’s keep praying! – Michelle Lewin

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Primero que nada quiero agradecer a cada uno de ustedes por sus mensajes y las oraciones que me mandan por mensajes privados. Los leo y rezo junto con ustedes. ¡Jimmy sigue mejorando! Los médicos dicen que si sigue cómo va, se está considerando la posibilidad de terminar su recuperación en la casa, hasta que sus órganos se regeneren completamente para planificar la cirugía cardiotorácica y reparar el aneurisma. Esto para mi ha sido muy fuerte, me siento muy inestable emocionalmente, sin entender absolutamente nada. Hay días buenos y no tan buenos. En todos estos días me he aferrado a Dios, y le he pedido que me guíe por que me he sentido perdida y sin rumbo. Es muy irónico sentir que a veces se tiene que pasar estos tipos de situaciones para despertar, reflexionar y darte cuenta de muchas cosas. He aprendido mucho en estos 20 días. Aprendí que todos somos tan vulnerables y muchas veces olvidamos eso, porque nos sentimos fuertes y saludables. Entendí que, mientras tu ser querido aún respire, no puedes perder la FÉ, sin importar lo que te digan las personas a tu alrededor. Tú déjaselo a Dios, porque solo él tiene el poder absoluto de cambiar la situación. Aprendí que los milagros SI EXISTEN cuando le hablas a Dios con FÉ, con amor. Por último, aprendí que en los momentos duros, nos damos cuenta de quien nos aprecia de verdad, como TODOS USTEDES. Se que todavía no ha pasado la tormenta, pero mi FÉ me mantiene en pie y positiva. Jimmy se encuentra hoy un poco edematizado sobre todo en piernas, por lo que colocaron diurético IV. Pero cuenta los días para salir del hospital y venir a casa. Valores de hoy: en verde los que llegaron a normal ✅ ⭐Sodio: NORMAL 137 (VN 135-145)✅ ⭐Bilirrubina: de 3,2 a 3 (VN 0.1 -1,2)⚠️ ⭐AST: igual en 90 (VN 10 -34)⚠️ ⭐ALT: de 191 a 175 (VN 5 -60) ⚠️ ⭐Glucosa: en 94 (menos de 100)✅ ⭐Creatinina: 1.50 igual (VN 0,7-1,3)⚠️ ⭐BUN: 29 (VN 6 a 20 mg/dL)⚠️ ⭐Amonia: 110 a 42 (VN 15 a 45 µ/dL)✅ ⭐PTT: en 31 (VN 25 a 35seg).✅ ⭐INR(TP): 1.39 (VN 0,9 a 1,3) ✅ ⭐PLAQUETAS: NORMALES 280 mil ✅ ⭐Hemoglobina 11 ✅ ⭐Magnesio en 1,7 normal borderline (VN 1.7 a 2.2 mg/dl)✅ ¡En nombre de Dios! Sigamos rezando!

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