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Lee Haney congratulates Jake Wood for purchasing Mr. Olympia brand.

Most probably the biggest story that we will be talking about in 2020 is the purchase of the Mr. Olympia brand by Jake Wood.

The biggest names in the industry praised the move by Jake Wood and also appreciated the investment and hard work AMI’s David Pecker put into the Olympia brand.

8X Mr. Olympia Lee Haney was one of the first legends of the sport to praise the new acquisition by Jake Wood.

Lee Haney was at his peak during the an era when Joe and Ben Weider were in great health and still had total control over the Mr. Olympia.

Lee witnessed the Mr. Olympia expand into the Olympia Weekend and change owners on two other occasions after Joe and Ben Weider sold it.

In his latest video, Lee Haney wished Jake Wood all the best for his new challenge in purchasing the Olympia brand and as well thanked AMI’s David Pecker for expanding the Olympia brand to what it is today.

We must not forget the part Dan Solomon had in all this. Dan will be the man to make sure this project is a success for Jake Wood.

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Congratulations to Mr. Jake Woods on the purchase of the Mr. Olympia and the AMI business conglomerate.

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