Lee Labrada Instagram shutdown

Lee Labrada is back on Instagram after being shutdown.

Bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada is finally back on Instagram after being shutdown for no apparent reason.

Lee Labrada is one of the most respected bodybuilders in the history of the sport.

The humble bodybuilding legend still represents the sport by promoting nutrition and good health.

Labrada is one of the first athletes to start a supplement company when he retired from the sport. Labrada Nutrition was founded in 1995, with its headquarters based in Houston, Texas.

Labrada’s Instagram Account Shutdown

Since December 2020, Lee Labrada disappeared from Instagram. Labrada’s official company page Labada Nutrition was not affected by this ban, but his official personal page, unfortunately was not so lucky.

From all the athletes in the sport of bodybuilding, Lee is one of the most kindest, respectful and humble athletes to ever represent the sport.

In a recent video, Lee Labrada explained what happened to his Instagram page. Labrada confirmed that he was given no explanation about why his page was removed.

Creating a new account was the best solution.

Labrada always put forward a positive image for the sport and his brand. He would post photos and videos as a professional bodybuilder and special moments with is family.

Labrada would also promote his son Hunter Labrada, who as well is a very successful professional bodybuilder.

If Lee was a controversial person, posting scandalous material and false information, a ban would be appropriate, but Lee is the total opposite.

New Instagram Account Created

Titled I’M BACK, Lee introduces his new page (@leelabradaofficial) and at the same time gives us a sneak peek to his new business venture – Labrada Nutrition Gym.

The bodybuilding world can expect the new Labrada Nutrition Gym to be one of the best facilities in the world.

Labrada is looking forward to uploading motivational and educational material, photos and more, to keep his fans up-to-date.

More Accounts Being Shutdown

Another account that was shutdown is one related to the NPC and JM Manion.

In a recent post on their new Instagram page, it was revealed that the original NPC Photo Gym Official page was shutdown as well.

This is becoming a worrying situation among a number of high profile bodybuilding and fitness personalities. The trend of having their Instagram pages removed is increasing monthly.