2021 Luxembourg Elite Pro

Photos & Results: 2021 Luxembourg Diamond Cup and Elite Pro Show

The 2021 IFBB Luxembourg Diamond Cup and Masters Elite Pro show took place this weekend, 12 June, 2021, with great success.

Some of the best athletes from all around Europe traveled to this beautiful location to step on the prestigious IFBB stage.

The goal for every athlete is to win their category, with the goal of earning their pro status by winning the IFBB Elite Pro card.

19 IFBB Elite Pro cards were available to be won.

Some of the top IFBB Elite Pro Master competitors also made the trip to Luxembourg to compete in the Women’s Bikini-Fitness, Women’s Bodyfitness and Bodybuilding.

Be sure that these competitors will continue to compete in various IFBB Elite Pro Open events. The Master Division gives these athletes more opportunities to compete with athletes in their age group.

Karina Gavrikova won the Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness category. This is another prestigious victory for the 2020 Bikini-Fitness World Champion.

Karina is one of the most consistent Bikini-Fitness athletes within the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro. Rarely missing a show during her amateur years and now during her pro career, Karina consistently places in the top five.

Be sure to see this Bikini-Fitness star at future IFBB Elite Pro Open and Master events in the near future.

Germany’s Sabine Simitsopoulos defeated a line-up of six athletes in the Master Women’s Bodyfitness category. The line-up consisted of three athletes from Germany, with the remaining from Russia, Spain and Malta.

The Master Men’s Bodybuilding category consisted of only three athletes, from Austria, Germany and Cyprus.

The winner of the event was Austria’s Christoph Senn.

2021 Luxembourg IFBB Elite Pro Masters Results

Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness – Karina Gavrikova
Master Women’s Bodyfitness – Sabine Simitsopoulos
Master Men’s Bodybuilding – Christoph Senn

2021 Luxembourg Diamond Cup Winners

Men’s Physique up to 173cm – Gabriel Biefnot
Men’s Physique up to 179cm – Christian Heimerdinger
Men’s Physique up to 182cm – Hachime Bakary
Men’s Physique over 182cm – obin Singer
Men’s Physique Overall – Hachime Bakary

Master Men’s Classic Physique Over 40 Open – Christian Heimerdinger

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Open – Thomas Demeijer

Women’s Bodyfitness up to 163cm – Izabela Jablonski
Women’s Bodyfitness over 163cm – Marta Almendros
Women’s Bodyfitness  Overall – Izabela Jablonski

Women’s Physique Open – Lisa Beller

Muscular Men’s Physique Open – Albert Moor

Men’s Classic Physique Open – Marcus Lamparth

Master Women’s Bodyfitness Over 35 Years Open – Izabela Jablonski

Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness Over 35 Years Open – Kamila Pordamcova

Master Men’s Bodybuilding Over 40 Years Open – Stavros Christodoulou

Junior Women’s Bikini-Fitness 16-23 Years open – Dorine De Spiegeleer

Women’s Wellness-Fitness Open – Yasmine Dia

Men’s Bodybuilding Up To 80kg – Alexander Lang
Men’s Bodybuilding Up To 90kg – Roderick Theuma
Men’s Bodybuilding Up To 100kg – Mathias Lampe
Men’s Bodybuilding over 100kg – Maciej Kieltyka
Men’s Bodybuilding Overall – Maciej Kieltyka

Women’s Bikini-Fitness up to 160cm – Amelie Trisson
Women’s Bikini-Fitness up to 164cm – Joana Werle
Women’s Bikini-Fitness up to 169cm – Agne Kiviselg
Women’s Bikini-Fitness up to 172cm – Maria Gotarda
Women’s Bikini-Fitness over 172cm – Fiona van Hoorn
Women’s Bikini-Fitness Overall – Agne Kiviselg

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