Remembering Rich Piana

Remembering Rich Piana one year after his death.

A year has passed since we lost Rich Piana.

This was a horrible week in bodybuilding, first we lost Dallas McCarver and then a few days later we lost another giant, Rich Piana.

Rich was loved by many and hated by others as well, but this did not stop Rich from doing what he wanted to do.

Rich was not popular from being a professional bodybuilder, but he started a fantastic brand and used social media to promote himself and his company to levels that many companies cannot even come close to.

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Rich Piana was a walking advertisement, he was the image of his own brand and he made sure everybody knew that.

When it came to the dark side of the sport, Rich Piana was always open about everything and this is what gained him the respect of many in the industry.

Even when Rich Piana stepped out of line, he would be the first to apologize and admit his mistakes.

We miss his motivational speeches on his Youtube channel. If he talked about his life, training or even how to start a business, it always helped a person move up a level.

RIP Rich!

This is the original text from 5% Nutrition that was published on 25 August 2018:

A year has passed. Hard to believe it’s been a year. It seems like only yesterday that you were running around with your infectious attitude putting smiles on people’s faces. The outpouring of love and support in this last year has been tremendous, although you probably wouldn’t be surprised at all because you knew the kind of impact you had on people. People loved you. They still do. And they always will. Because that’s the kind of person you are: unforgettable.

You still continue to inspire people to be better versions of themselves. To turn the negatives into positives and to ALWAYS strive to be that 5% and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and dreams.

Your 5% Family, near and far, misses you every single day and thanks you for everything you have instilled and done for them.

You, Rich Piana, are a Legend and even though you are gone, you will never be forgotten.

Rest In Peace.