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Looking back at the 1988 IFBB Grand Prix Athens

WATCH: Looking back at the 1988 IFBB Grand Prix Athens. Evolutionofbodybuilding.net loves to promote bodybuilding, especially the legends of the sport. The 1988 IFBB Grand Prix...

Berry DeMey invests in future talent

Berry DeMey was one of the most aesthetic physiques that ever graced the IFBB bodybuilding stage. Since his retirement, DeMey continued to invest in the...

Berry de Mey honored by IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja

The 2015 Amateur Olympia in Spain will always be remembered as a special day by bodybuilding legend Berry de Mey. While on holiday in Spain...

Berry de Mey is out to prove a point

Berry de Mey again used his power on social media to make a point about modern bodybuilding. Today he posted a comment with a photo...

Strong message from bodybuilding legend Berry de Mey on the state...

The messages and opinions keep coming up on social media from the greatest bodybuilders that ever graced the IFBB stage. First it was Arnold Schwarzenegger...
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