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Courtney King wins the 2016 Bikini Olympia

A big surprise at the Bikini Olympia. Courtney King has defeated Ashley Kaltwasser to win the 2016 Bikini Olympia. In fact, defending 3X Bikini Olympia...

Ashley Kaltwasser Wins Her Second Bikini Olympia 2014

IFBB Pro Ashley Kaltwasser has won her 2nd consecutive Bikini Olympia title at the 2014 contest. IFBB Bikini Olympia Results: 1. Ashley Kaltwasser  2. Janet...

IFBB Pro Ashley Kaltwasser Training Video

Current MS. BIKINI OLYMPIA & MS BIKINI INTERNATIONAL IFBB Pro Ashley Kaltwasser Training Video Shot on location at Summer’s Fitness by Image Video. Ashley can...

India Paulino’s perfect physique at the Tampa Bay Pro 2014

How did India Paulino win the 2014 Tampa Bay Pro? Checkout her flawless physique, she will surely be a contender for the 2014 Bikini...
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