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WATCH: Men’s Bodybuilding Prejudging – Ben Weider Legacy Cup 2016

More footage coming from the 2016 IFBB Ben Weider Legacy Cup. This morning we have the Men's Bodybuilding Prejudging thanks to and

WATCH: 2016 Mr Olympia Prejudging Wrap-up

Two different different opinions on the 2016 Mr. Olympia Prejudging. Do you agree with them? Listen to what Muscular Development's Shawn Ray, David Baye and...

WATCH: Bodybuilding & Figure Prejudging Callouts – NPC Tahoe Show...

In these videos, you'll see the light heavy & heavyweight bodybuilding call outs from the prejudging and as well the Figure prejudging of the...

Arnold Classic 2014 – Pro Bikini Prejudging Callouts, Comparisons and awards

Watch comparisons, callouts and the awards ceremony of all the IFBB Pro Bikini ladies at the Arnold Classic 2014. Source:

2014 Arnold Classic 212 prejudging photos

Photos of each contestant from today's 2014 Arnold Classic 212 prejudging. Below you will find the links to the photo gallery of each bodybuilder. Source:                                                                       Stan...

2014 Arnold Amateur prejudging photos

The 2014 Arnold Amateur prejudging started last night and have the best links to all the great photographs from sites such as