Tools Help Improve Your Fitness

FEATURED ARTICLE: 5 Tools to Help Improve Your Fitness.

Workouts aren’t easy. Pushing yourself farther is the best way to get maximum results from every workout. However, while running or weightlifting are perfectly suitable workouts, there are ways to give yourself a boost. From supplements to training equipment and more, there are lots of tools at your disposable to yield even better results from your exercise.

A lot of these are common in the fitness world, but if you’re new to consistent fitness and want to step up your game, these are part of your solution!-

What are some of the tricks you can use? Here are just a few examples of tools to bump up your results.

1 – Abdominal Workout Belts

With these, you don’t use them while working out. Electric ab belts should be used away from the gym. They yield better results when used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet though. These abdominal workout belts use electric pulses to contract and release the core muscles without extra exercise. It’s the same as doing regular ab workouts, but now you’ll get twice the results without having to bump up your gym time!

2 – Supplements

There are many different pre- and post-exercise supplements on the market. Some help with bulking up, some help with stamina, and some help with recovery. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s probably a supplement to help you support it. Many supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so it can be difficult to find reliable ones. However, with some research and asking around, you can find something that will readily help you improve your results.

3 – Resistance Bands

Resistance bands work out many of the same muscles as weightlifting with dumbbells. Often, though, resistance bands are cheaper, and they can help with flexibility too. You’ll have to learn or look up the various stretches and exercises you can do with the bands. Most trainers recommend the bands that come with handles already attached. There are other, cheaper options that resemble giant rubber bands. Whatever you choose, the resistance bands will help your strength and flexibility beyond what the average weights provide.

4 – Suspension Trainer

If you’re someone who works out at home, this piece of equipment might be a bit of an investment. It’s completely worth it. A suspension trainer allows you to continue your workouts like you typically would, but on an unstable platform. Not only would you be lifting weights, laying out lunges, or whatever move you choose, you’ll have the added challenge of staying balanced. With a suspension trainer, you elevate your exercises to the next level by engaging the whole body. It’s a workout for your mind, too, since your brain must compensate for the movement and the balance.

5 – Weighted Jump Ropes

Studies have found that the amount of calories you could burn after 10 minutes with a jump rope is equal to jogging for 30 minutes. Now imagine what using a weighted jump rope could do for you. Not only does it put a little excitement into a typical cardio workout, it works as an arm workout too. Most come with 1 pound weights in the handles, but some have more. Either way, jumping rope is more exciting and more efficient than running on the treadmill.


Only you know what works for your body. Therefore, only you know what parts of your exercise regimen need improvement. A proper diet, a consistent sleeping schedule, and these exercise tricks, you’ll be well on your way to prime fitness. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little boost!