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WATCH: Dino’s tour of his legendary Nautilus equipment

Dino’s Gym is the mecca of bodybuilding in the UK. The gym’s owner Dino Iles is well knows for his motivating videos all over social media and as well a great character to be around at major bodybuilding competitions.

Dino takes pride is preserving history at his gyms with hundreds of photos displayed on every space available at the gym. As well a vast collection of vintage bodybuilding magazines available for the younger generation to learn about bodybuilding’s great history.

Not only does Dino preserve the history of the sport in the photos and magazines he has on display, but also the training equipment he has available.

Possibly, you won’t find another gym in the world with the hardcore equipment that Dino has available.

One of the main features of Dino’s Gym is the fantastic Nautilus equipment that he has on display.

The Nautilus equipment is the exact same type of equipment that bodybuilding legends such as 6X Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates and Mike Mentzer used and made popular.

Dino probably has the best preserved Nautilus equipment in the world, with some still in its original condition.

In this video, Dino takes the viewers on a tour of his vast range of equipment and gives a brief history about the equipment that was ahead of its time when designed by Arthur Jones.

“You will never see machines like these again ever” #arthurjones was way ahead of his time, my old mate @thedorianyates didn’t like the press position but the #mentzer brothers did! It took Mr Jones years and years to painstaking design this , it’s alive, it moves with you and it’s so so old but it runs as smooth as a babies bum .. the original #nautilus machines are like gold dust .. why? Because there magical! @ronniecoleman8 had one .. but what year was it made? Pop down to #dinosgymsolihull and give it a cuddle and show it some “the call of the iron is far too strong” don’t fight it!! – Dino Iles

Nobody is better than Dino to give us a lesson in the history of bodybuilding.

As Dino always says “Absolutely Faaaaaantastic!”

Dino’s Gym Website: dinosgym.com

Instagram: @dinos.gym.solihull

Personal Instagram: @dinoiles