Jim Manion - NPC News

Jim Manion – NPC News

In his latest interview with Bob Cicherillo, NPC / IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion explained in more detail the changes that are taking place in the NPC.

The video was recorded a few days before the 2017 NPC Nationals that took place last weekend.

The NPC in the USA has not changed at all, but regarding overseas, Jim Manion has confirmed that they will be having a good number of shows all over the world.

Regarding the NPC accepting applications from athletes to get their IFBB Pro cards, Jim Manion said that in the new year, they will not be accepting any more applications.

In 2018, any athlete that would want to try to win their IFBB Pro card, will only be able to earn it by competing with the NPC. Jim Manion also emphasized that he understands what decision an athlete wants to take. If the athlete decides to stay with any other federations, he supports their decision.