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WATCH: You want to take steroids? Be prepared to accept the consequences!

Seth Feroce is as extreme when it gets when we talk about bodybuilding.

Feroce never holds back when giving advice and he does not care if you get offended or not.

After moving away from the competitive side of bodybuilding, Seth has become successful with his online business and as well a very popular Youtube page.

Seth’s Youtube page has hundreds of videos that cover his rants, training, diet and steroids. Yes we said steroids. is not your source for any information about steroids and it will never be. Seth published a series of videos related to steroids that anybody interested in extreme sports such as bodybuilding and fitness must watch.

Why are we promoting these video by Seth Feroce? Because he give the true facts about their advantages and their heavy disadvantages.

Seth does not condone the use of steroids, but at the same time he says whoever uses them must be prepared to accept the consequences that come with them.

In this multi-part series, Seth explains everything that has to do with the life decision to take steroids.

The real truth is evident in episode 4 and 6 of this series. Seth does not hold back and he explains in detail what the drugs do to you and what to expect afterwards.

As Seth insists he has no regrets, he also insists that there is a high price to pay to be one of the best bodybuilders in the world.

Seth also makes a comment that the Pro League has no rules. This is true when it comes to drug tests and related matters. But this must not be confused with the IFBB, a federation that works in conjunction with WADA.

Want to learn more about Seth Feroce, checkout his biography on – Click HERE.

This Part 2 of the Intense Reality of Steroids, Drugs and Life. Seth touches a little more on the subject and sheds some light to those who are naive of the truth or don’t want to believe the world can be a rough and nasty place. And there are solutions to it all.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, or choosing to live a certain way (to some extent). The Reality of it all is that we need to learn from our experiences each and every day, good and bad, exciting and ugly. That is how greatness is developed. It is a day to day process of working to become better.

OK, This is Purely Educational.
No more beating around the bush.
The Cookie Recipe, has been what everyone wants. So here is how I map out how to build a Protocol for gear with some dosages. As well as, Day to Day, Week to Week Food and Training Protocol. And also How I have tracked it all Via my Notebooks and Progress Pictures.
Document, Document, Document. That is the best way to do it all.

My Goal with all of my videos is to help you become better. Help you progress in your life. Help you become the best you possible so that everyone in your life benefits from you being the best you. That can sound cheesy and cliche but if you are in the dumps, everyone around you feels it, everyone is affected by you. So again My Goal, is to shed light on the shit no one likes to talk about because that is the Meat and Potatoes of Life. And Those Subjects are the Ones that Mold Your Character and Make you You!

Steroid side effects. Hoping this is a little bit of a wake up call for some of you. Steroids, peptides, sarms, PEDs, they ALL HAVE SIDE EFFECTS! Some more mild than others, but ALL are changing the chemistry of your body, and all effect everyone differently. You must have a full understanding that problems do occur, and you better be ready for the consequences.

I’ve done a lot of trial and error with my gear protocols. I know what works for me, and what does not. This video was to shed some light on how serious of a decision it is to start taking Anabolic Steroids. If you are going to experiment you need to do your research, have a plan if something bad happens to your body, and get as much as you can from as little as possible. This is the real deal stuff no one wants to talk about, but you need to be aware. Stay informed and be prepared.

What’s up guys! NEW Steroids, Drugs, and Life, PART 5! This one is on Site Enhancement, and Site injections. I get a TON of messages regarding, synthol, site injections, and a new product on the market called Hydronics H2O. You’ll get a glimpse into the crazier side of bodybuilding in this episode. These things are personal decisions folks. Professional Bodybuilding is not a joke. It is not like trying a new pre-workout. Things are done in this sport to take your physique to the next level, and in some cases, at any cost.

This segment, Life and Death in Bodybuilding, is about this being as real as it gets. It’s about me telling you “yep they’re going to F*%king kill you…” Anyone that thinks that they won’t is full of $hit and they are F*%king lying to you.