NPC/Pro League publish 2019 Regional and Pro Qualifiers.

The NPC/Pro League have finally published the official list of the events for the 2019 season.

The 2019 season looks like it will be a very busy year for the NPC/Pro League.

One must not that they included the regional shows in the list as well. Not all shows are Pro Qualifiers.

From the list, 69 shows are Regional shows, the rest are Olympia Amateur and Pro Qualifiers.

From recent comments made by Robin Chang, it looks as if he will be leaving his job organizing the Olympia and work with NPC President Jim Manion. Robin Chang has already been travelling all over the world pushing the NPC brand. (Read Robin’s comments at end of article or click HERE)

It must be noted that the NPC Regional shows have no relation with IFBB Amateur National Championships or the IFBB Elite Pro League. The IFBB is recognized by the Olympic Committee’s in a majority of these countries whereas the NPC are not.

The list can be viewed on

Robin Chang’s comments: