WATCH: Fan meets Kevin Levrone 25 years after contacting him.

Christmas is a great time of the year and sometimes dreams do come true.

One of Kevin Levrone’s biggest fans Mony Montana, wrote a letter to Kevin 25 years ago when he was only 13 years old.

Mony went on to explain that he fund Kevin’s address in a magazine and sent him a letter. Back then internet was not used and when Kevin wrote back sending him his training routine and other material Mony was truly excited.

Fast forward 25 years to December 2019 at the Dubai Muscle Show, Mony finally meets Kevin in person.

Kevin surely made Mony feel comfortable as he does with all his fans.

Kevin has a gift, he listens to the stories of all his fans that meet him. Some are tragic and some are happy and inspiring, but Kevin loves to see where people are coming from in their journey in life.

Even today, with all the modern technology and easy access to meet the top bodybuilders, some still make it hard for a fan to contact them or even talk to them.

Many athletes must remember, it is the fans who make them what they are and even a simple handshake can make a big difference.

We (, Kevin Grech) met Kevin the same way. Obviously a fan from the beginning of his career, when Levrone got on the phone and called us, we could not believe it.

Since then,’s owner Kevin Grech and Kevin Levrone have had a very close relationship, even working on a number of projects together till today.

Levrone makes a big effort to make every fan feel great with his inspirational speeches and words of encouragement.

What Kevin had to say about the meeting:

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus birth. But it’s also the day of giving. 25 years ago this man @monymontana wrote me a letter when he was 13 yers old. 25 years latter we final meet for the first time. You never know what God will bring to your life. He always has a greater plan, just have faith and put him in the center of everything you do and God will do the rest. I’m blown away every time he reveals himself to me. Who else could do this but God. Thank you Lord for showing up when we’re lest expected. #jesuslives Happy Birthday Jesus! #onelove #godisawsome #godisalwaysontime #godsplatform – Kevin Levrone