ALMOST DIED - Eric Broser

WATCH: THE DAY I ALMOST DIED – Eric Broser recounts his 20 hours hear.

This is one of the most important articles that we have ever uploaded on this website.

Two weeks ago, I almost lost a great friend and as well somebody that I look up to in this industry.

My great friend Eric Broser, almost lost his life due to a heart attack that lasted for almost 20 hours.

Eric is one of the first people that showed his faith in me when I started He is a contributes to the site on a regular basis with fantastic articles on fitness and diet.

An episode like this would have killed a normal person, but thanks to living a healthy life, Eric Broser managed to make it through.

Eric would not be with us today if it was not for his great friends that rushed him to the hospital when they noticed what was happening a number of hours later.

Eric’s great friend David Pierre Bourlet, was with him through the incident as well.

Eric decided to open up about the incident with David on Jay Cutler TV so that the fitness world can learn from this dreadful event.

What Eric thought was basically a major attack of food poisoning, was actually a major heart attack.

This is a reminder that an incident like this can happen to the best of us.

Eric emphasis that there is a lesson to be learned. If you ever don’t feel right, it is important to get medical attention immediately!!

All I can say is Thank God, Eric is still with us!!

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