Athleticon facing unexpected challenges

Athleticon facing unexpected challenges… plans in doubt.

The big event organized by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his partner Dany Garcia this October will surely be hit by the coronavirus.

This will be the first ever Athleticon event and it will surely face unique challenges.

Even before the coronavirus threat, the Athleticon organizers had a steep hill to climb in regards organizing such a huge event.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Dany Garcia decided to get involved in the bodybuilding scene by not only creating a bodybuilding and fitness event, but a full blown entertainment and sports weekend.

The Athleticon will suffer just as any other event in 2020 due to the coronavirus threat. But for the organizers planning this event in its inaugural year, it will be  much more difficult in comparison to other events.

Convincing the fans and athletes to come to this event will be challenging. Even with the presence of Dwayne Johnson, this might not be enough.

As this website focuses on bodybuilding and fitness, lets explain in detail what challenges the pro and amateur events face.

The Athleticon ICON World Classic and NPC Worldwide International Championships

With all the amazing events planned for the Athleticon expo, the bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts will surely be focused on two events, the pro and amateur show.

As it looks, the number of pro’s competing at the ICON World Classic will be minimized due to the coronavirus scare.

Another problem that the organizers will face in regards to the ICON World Classic is which competitors will compete at this event.

The challenge to convince European athletes to make the trip to this event will be difficult with the competition season turned upside down.

Already, Dexter Jackson has basically confirmed his final show will be at the 2020 Olympia Weekend.

Other competitors that truly respect the history of the sport will decide to first focus on the Olympia and then the Athleticon. Prize money might vary between these two events, but trying to win the Sandow trophy has been a dream for every bodybuilder.

Gyms being shutdown, people forced to stay inside and other restrictions have basically paralyzed the pro athlete.

The amateur event

Another big event at Athleticon that looks to be facing major problems is the NPC Worldwide International Championships.

This is an amateur event open only to athletes that qualify through a points system.

As well, this event is not open to athletes from the USA.

This decision was criticized heavily by American athletes and now it seems the decision to eliminate athletes based in the USA will truly backfire due to the coronavirus threat.

At the time of publishing this article, Europe and neighboring countries are on total or partial lockdown. The majority of gyms are closed to minimize the spread of the virus.

With the majority of athletes forced to stay in their homes, training will be at a minimum and being away from the gym will truly hinder their contest prep.

The majority of people in Europe and the rest of the world have to go through forced quarantine, reduced hours and job cuts. All this means less finances.

When the majority of athletes face these struggles, the middle class athlete will cut costs to save money and this unfortunately will put their plans of competing on the side. Travelling to the USA to compete at an amateur show, such as the NPC Worldwide International Championship, will be out of the question.

Unless the amateur athlete is wealthy or has a sponsor that will cover all their costs, the number of athletes travelling to Atlanta will be cut drastically.

Not giving the opportunity to the athletes living in America to compete at the NPC Worldwide International Championships might literally destroy their event.

Will Athleticon be cancelled?

The Athleticon organizers have been very quiet about the event and how it will be affected by the coronavirus problem.

As mentioned in this article, the amateur show will be affected the most negatively in regards to the number of athletes travelling to this event.

Let’s face it, the bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast will only focus Athleticon’s pro and amateur events. The expo and other related events will be secondary.

Robin Chang, the former head of the Olympia Weekend, took on the job as Vice President of Live event for The Garcia Companies.

Chang’s honeymoon is surely over and now he has to figure out a way out of this problem.

With three Arnold Sports Festival’s being cancelled or postponed, it looked to be the perfect opportunity for Athleticon to take advantage of this situation in regards to sponsorship.

Convincing the advertiser or sponsor for such an event is always a challenge. Trying to get financial assistance for an established event such as the Arnold Sports Festival or Olympia Weekend is much easier as these events have prestige and a wealth of history backing them.

The Athleticon organizers will surely have difficulties convincing their potential sponsors to invest their money in an event with no previous history.

With all that has happened in 2020, convincing the advertiser or sponsor that the event will be a success will be a tough task.

The bodybuilding and fitness industry sponsors know very well what is happening all over the world, the majority will pick established events to invest their money.

With their reputation at risk, there is a great possibility Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia might take the decision to postpone the event to 2021.

It is alleged that the contest is going to be rescheduled for June 2021.

Cancelling the event for 2020 might be the best possible option considering all that is happening.