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Bodybuilding Historian and Wrestler Ric Drasin in Hospital.

Bodybuilding Historian and Professional Wrestler Ric Drasin has been in hospital for close to a month.

Drasin explained that he has been suffering from extreme pain in his knee on his official social media pages.

To add to his complications, Ric is having his kidney’s checked as he is holding a large amount of water. This is usually a sign something is unfortunately not right.

Ric who is 76, has been in and out of the hospital in the last couple of years. The battle wounds of living the life of a bodybuilder and wrestler have unfortunately taken their toll on Ric.

On 18 August, 2020, Ric gave an update on his situation:

“I just wanted to let all of you know and I’m still in the hospital but I’m better than I was and I still have a ways to go I’m seeing my doctor today and then Wednesday I’m getting my knee aspirated to prepare for surgery on September 15 I can’t walk so I’m gonna be here all the time plus my kidney is being tested to see why am holding water and try to get that in order when everything comes together I should be fine again I can’t wait I don’t wanna be here anymore I Want to be home with all my things thanks for being good friends love you all.” – Ric Drasin

on 22 August, 2020, Ric gave another update on his situation:

“I’m in the hospital for the next couple of weeks I’ve been here for the past two weeks and I had a bit of a kidney problem in a breathing problem however it’s better now I’ve had every test in the world I had every test and now my heart is fine my kidneys fine It’s still hard for me to breathe a little because I lay in bed so much I need to move around but I can’t stand on my legs Until I get my knee replaced September 2 and then hopefully that will give me stability, and the strength to walk and then let’s move forward and think positive. They have me on a medication to remove all the water out of my body because I’m holding some in my left arm in a little bit in my lungs and little by little it’s going to come out that will help a lot.” – Ric Drasin

Ric’s son has also given an update on Ric’s YouTube channel about the current situation. (Watch video below)

With a very popular YouTube show called ‘Ric’s Corner‘, Ric has practically interviewed every legend in the sport of bodybuilding. He has an extensive collection of great interviews on his YouTube page.

Being a former training partner to 7X Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ric has been around the best of the best during the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

The very famous Gold’ Gym muscleman logo and World’s Gym gorilla logo were also created by Ric Drasin and till today, a one of a kind drawing can be ordered and signed by Drasin himself.

Ric has also featured on the popular series ‘The Incredible Hulk’ playing the ‘Demi’ Hulk.

You can find out more about Ric’s fantastic life and career by logging on to www.ricdrasin.com.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net would like to wish Ric a speedy recovery and hope to see him back to entertaining us with all his stories of the past.