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A night to remember at the 2018 IFBB Elite Pro Bodybuilding World Championships.

The first ever IFBB Elite Pro Bodybuilding Championships was a perfect success as expected.

History was made with this event and the bodybuilding world is already looking forward to the 2019 season of events.

From the venue at the Benidorm Palace in Spain to the fantastic stage setup and presentation, this contest has set a standard in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness the will be a new benchmark in the sport.

At the beginning of the event, IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja said a few words about this event that was as well streamed live for fans all over the world to enjoy.

Before the contest started a beautiful presentation of strength and beauty left the spectators speechless.

The World Championship started with the Pro athletes entering from the left and right via a staircase. Their impressive silhouettes being highlighted with the fluorescent lights.

As all the athletes were introduced, a new era in bodybuilding was presented to the spectators. The athletes were all in incredible shape. All following the standards of bodybuilding that the IFBB Elite Pro League has been promoting.

Every athlete showed that a professional bodybuilder can have incredible size and condition without having to destroy their physique.

The contest was split into to divisions. The Bodybuilding Open class and the Bodybuilding 90kg class.

First to start was the 90kg class. 10 of the best athletes in the world competed in the 90kg class.

The 90kg pro athletes:

Abel Martin – Spain
Mika Sihvonen – Finland
Marcos Herrera – Spain
Pedro Pereira – Angola
Andrei Melnikov – Russia
Tony Gutierrez – Spain
Benabdellah AbdelKader – Algeria
Mihoubi Zohir – Algeria
Osmany Clement – Angola
Ruben Suana – Angola

Immediately from the start, Mika Sihvonen was a crowd favorite with his incredible condition. He presented a package of beautiful aesthetics and as well sharp definition.

Even though Mika looked like the favorite to win, this does not mean he was not challenged in this contest.

Andrei Melnikov and Mihoubi Zohir made sure the judges would have a hard time to make a decision.

In the end, Mika would end up the winning the contest and making history by winning the first every IFBB Elite Pro Bodybuilding 90kg world Championships.

Results 90kg class:

1. Mika Sihvonen, Finland
2. Andrei Melnikov, Russia
3. Mihoubi Zohir, Algeria
4. Benabdellah AbdelKader, Algeria
5. Abel Martin, Spain

A bodybuilding world championship would not be complete without having an open class competition.

When the open class athletes made it to the stage, it was evident that an amazing contest was about to take place.

The crowd showed their appreciation to each athlete when they were introduced.

These athletes are the future of the sport. All very young with a fantastic future ahead of them.

 The Open Class athletes:

Michal Krizanek – Slovakia
Mattia Vecchi – Italy
Alexander Westermeier – Germany
Tomas Kaspar – Czech Republic
Carlos Bianco – Spain
Ilya Lukovets – Belarus
Dalibor Hajek – Czech Republic
Dimitrii Semenin – Russia
Szymon Lada – Poland
Lorenzo Leeuwe – Netherlands
Michael Muzzo – Netherlands
Gregory Bellot – Spain

Again, as in the 90kg class, all the athletes presented physiques that were all pleasing to see.

The 2018 Arnold Classic Europe Champion Michal Krizanek from Slovakia went into the show as the favorite to win the  IFBB Elite Show World Championship.

Michal impressed with his size and definition. His massive arms are always a crowd favorite as well his well defined legs.

Michal was not the only one to impress, Lorenzo Leeuwe from the Netherlands also impressed.

At just 23 years of age, Lorenzo showed he has what it takes to compete with the best in the world. Fantastic definition and his presentation made him a contender for the top prize.

The posing routines of each athlete were original and excellent.

Michal would end up the winner and first ever IFBB Elite Pro World Champion.

This victory cemented Michal’s status as the king of the IFBB Elite Pro League for 2018 and will start the 2019 season as the man to beat.

Lorenzo placed a close second. He pushed Michal till the end and the decision could of went either way. The 2019 season looks like it will great for this athlete.

Third place went to Poland’s Szymon Lada.

Results Bodybuilding Open Class:

1. Michal Krizanek, Slovakia
2. Lorenzo Leeuwe, Netherlands
3. Szymon Lada, Poland
4. Michael Muzzo,  Netherlands
5. Tomas Kaspar, Czech Republic

Another great also took place during the evening. The IFBB  World Ranking top athletes were presented with their awards and cash prizes.

Prizes for the best amateur athletes ranged from $750 – $15,000.

One of the most active bodybuilder in IFBB’s history with over 180 competitions spread over a 20-year career, Ott Kiivikas walked away with the top prize of $15,000 and the coveted first spot in the IFBB World Rankings.

Ott Kiivikas has now decided to move up to the IFBB Elite Pro League.

The first ever 2018 IFBB Elite Pro Bodybuilding World Championships was a great success and we are already looking forward to the 2019 edition.

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