calum von moger steroids bodybuilding

WATCH: Calum Von Moger talks about his experience with steroids.

The use of steroids has always been a controversial subject in bodybuilding and basically the majority of sports worldwide.

Some people promote the use of steroids, which is very bad, especially if young athletes are listening.

Steroids has always been a taboo subject and there is only a handful of athletes that admitted to using them without promoting them at the same time.

Australian bodybuilding star Calum Von Moger has just recently published a video on his official Youtube page talking about steroids.

With over 850,000 subscribers on Youtube, Calum Von Moger is a very influential athlete.

When it comes to a topic as controversial as steroids, Calum Von Moger is the ideal person to talk about this sensitive subject. Von Moger also played a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Bigger.

Schwarzenegger himself admitted to using steroids when he was a competitive bodybuilder.

Von Moger explained that it is important to train for several years before even deciding to take steroids. Additionally, Von Moger emphasis that you have to have a valid reason to use steroids, instead of just for the sake of looking good faster. Von Moger says that it needs to be a decision one makes for themselves, not for anybody else.

Calum Von Moger concluded by explaining why some athletes claim they are natural when they are not. Von Moger is hoping that his story will help for any young athletes that are beginning their bodybuilding journeys.

calum von moger steroids bodybuilding