Dennis Wolf Jay Cutler discuss

WATCH: Dennis Wolf and Jay Cutler discuss life after bodybuilding.

Dennis Wolf has been off the bodybuilding radar for approximately a year.

Between 2014 and 2015, Dennis was one of the top bodybuilders in the sport, winning a number of prestigious shows such as the Arnold Classic USA and Europe.

Third and fourth place finishes at the Mr. Olympia are also great achievements for the German.

Unfortunately, a back injury has kept Dennis off the professional bodybuilding stage. Dennis tried to make a comeback in 2018 at the Arnold Classic, but the best he could do was 12th place.

Dennis has a new look now, he has slimmed down and is still very active in bodybuilding, representing brands and as well appearing at expo’s.

The reality of the sport is all bodybuilders at one point in their life have to step on the brakes and do a reality check.

Dennis looks great and he is the perfect example, like Jay Cutler proving that their is a life after professional bodybuilding.

Dennis meets Cutler

In one of his latest videos on his official YouTube page, Dennis trains back and at the same time meets one of the bodybuilders he looks up to, Jay Cutler.

What is interesting about this video is that the two legends talk about the realities of the sport.

Dennis gives Cutler an update on his back problem and then they go on to reminisce about the good times they had in the sport.

The future of their careers are also discussed with both Dennis and Jay confirming they still both have a lot to contribute to the sport of bodybuilding even though they are not competing.

Meetings like this are great for the bodybuilding fan as they see that there is life after competing, if you put your mind to it.

The video starts in German while Dennis discusses his training routine, but when he meets Jay Cutler, they speak in English.