Strength Training Improve Golf

In recent years, pro golfers such as Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy have led the way in showing how strength training can improve a golfer’s game. These pros didn’t just step on the course with an Odyssey putter and become national champions; they worked hard on their endurance, concentration, and strength.

Recreational and amateur golfers can also take advantage of strength training benefits and expect an increase in performance.  Below, we’ll tell you why this training works for golfers, and we’ll give you two routines you can try at home.

What are the Benefits of Strength Training to Golfers?

1) Prevents Potential Injuries

Golf can be physically demanding, even though it seems like golfers are relaxed and having the time of their life (which they probably are). However, the golf swing can lead to strains and sprains to your hips, back, elbows, wrists, neck, and so we can go on and on. Strength training improves your overall physical condition and reduces the likelihood of getting injured while playing golf.

2) Strengthens Your Core

Your core plays a role in how powerful your rotations are, which in turn affects your swing. A strong swing means you can hit the ball further than most of your peers. Asides from power, your core also contributes to your balance when you are standing over the ball.

3) Improves Leg Strength

Depending on the course, a golf game will likely involve a lot of brisk walking. It would be best if you had excellent leg stamina to keep up with your peers as the game progresses. Your legs also support your balance and give you more power when you swing the putter. Improving your legs adds to your swing power.

4) Improves Arm Strength

You don’t need your biceps much while swinging at the golf ball. However, more muscular arms and wrists mean you are less likely to suffer from injuries such as wrist sprains and golfer’s elbow. For arm strength, focus on routines that work on the biceps, plus your triceps, shoulders, and wrists.

2 At-Home Strength Training Routines You Can Try Immediately

Ready to take advantage of strength training to improve your golf swing and drive speed?

Here are two at-home routines you can try anywhere:


Push-ups are great for building arm strength when performed with the right form. To perform a push-up correctly:

  1. Ensure your hands are placed beneath your shoulder, and your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Tighten your core, then go down and push up till you are as straight as a plank.
  3. Repeat as much as you can at a go.
  4. Ensure your spine is in a neutral position at all times.

Split Squat

The split squat routine works on your balance, leg strength, and mobility. While doing a split squat, you’ll be working on the front leg, so ensure your weight is primarily centered on your front foot.

To perform this routine:

  1. Keep your two feet together.
  2. Take a step forward with the front foot lunging forward while keeping the back foot’s heel raised.
  3. Keep your torso straight and lower your body slowly until your back knee is a few inches above the floor.
  4. Slowly push back up.
  5. You can switch to the other leg once you finish your target number of reps on one leg.

Final Thoughts

Strength training can be a game-changer for amateur golfers. Asides from improving your club drive speed and golf swing, it can also prevent unnecessary injuries while improving core strength.