Eddie Robinson suffers back injury during contest prep.

Professional bodybuilder Eddie Robinson had to have major back surgery earlier this week after suffering a injury during his prep for a return to the stage at 50 years of age.

Eddie was planning to compete with the NABBA Federation in the Masters class after a long layoff from the stage.

Many remember Eddie Robinson as one of IFBB’s biggest stars and as well he was also a competitor with the former WBF Federation as well.

Eddie Robinson has been very active with the NABBA Federation as he is the President of NABBA USA.

Eddie has been keeping all his fans up-to-date with his recovery and it is great to see Eddie is already back on his feet after surgery.

Hundreds of fans and prominent figures in the sport have been sending Eddie messages of support on all his social media pages.

We wish Eddie a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the gym soon!!