The Truth: Documents reveal NPC paid photographer $591,493 for two years work.

In the last couple of weeks, John Hawley of has been publishing a number of articles criticizing the NPC and IFBB Pro League.

John Hawley is the same person that criticized and tried to ridicule’s owner Kevin Grech on social media and as well on the forum of Muscular Development regarding a number of stories this site has published.

IFBB Pro League Athlete’s Rep Bob Cicherillo has been criticizing and answering back to John Hawley in a number of posts, calling him out on a number of occasions. have clashed with Bob Cicherillo on a number of occasions, but nobody is more loyal to the IFBB Pro League and NPC as he is. Bob will challenge a argument, regardless who it is.

Till a few weeks ago, many believed that John Hawley  was a true supporter the NPC and IFBB Pro League, but this has changed drastically.

John has been criticizing the judging panel of one of MuscleContest’s shows in Vietnam, saying that they are not qualified judges. Hawley has also been promoting rival federations on his social media pages, something that is not usual for a NPC supporter such as him.

In his latest rant, John Hawley published a number of sensitive documents** that reveal JM Manion, the son of IFBB Pro League and NPC President Jim Manion, earned a substantial amount of money for his photographic services in the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

To be exact, JM Manion ranked in $271,563 in 2015 and $319,930 for his services in 2016. A total of $591,493.

John Hawley had this to say in his post:

The NPC pays one photographer through a non-competitive bid process. Why?
As the last reported IRS filing made public in 2016 showed the organization paid one photographer $319,000 the same year they reported a loss. Furthermore, the same photographer increased charges to the NPC by $50K from 2015.
As the NPC was struggling to stay afloat financially in a tough economy with so much competition for bodybuilding market share why did the organization pay one photographer and demand all others shooting contests provide content for free?
What could be the rationale for this?

John looked as he did not want to mention the name JM Manion in his rant regarding the large amount of money earned.

Another comment that needs to be noted by Hawley is “why did the organization pay one photographer and demand all others shooting contests provide content for free?”

This comment is misleading as after a number of shows, various photographers have websites that sell photos, not too many give out photos for free.

What these documents do reveal is the conflict of interest in having JM Manion, the son of the President being hand picked to be the official photographer.

A number of questions can be asked regarding this:

Are other photographers given the opportunity to give their rates in a tender process to win this contract?

Is it true the NPC suggest that the other photographers give their material out for free?

Does the NPC have a democratic voting process with representatives from each district?

How will the NPC and IFBB Pro League welcome John Hawley when he appears at a show in the future.

** These documents were published by John Hawley on a ‘Public’ Facebook post for everybody to see.