INDUSTRY NEWS: Flex Magazine UK to cease publication.

The magazine and print industry has been suffering for a number of years with media turning towards the internet and social media to publish their articles.

A big drop in magazine sales has also had a major impact on bodybuilding and fitness magazines.

The USA edition of Flex magazine ceased publication in 2018, with the April 2018 edition being the final print version. The magazine then continued its life as a insert in Muscle & Fitness.

Flex Magazine was one of the biggest and most successful hardcore bodybuilding magazines from 1983 till its end in 2018.

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But social media and the internet caused a drop in sales and the decision was to stop publication.

In the UK, the magazine continued to circulate after the USA edition ended.

When published the story that the USA edition has ended, this website was contacted by the UK publishers telling us they are doing well and will not be shutting down.

Well, just over a year later, the UK edition of Flex Magazine has also closed its doors and will now become a small insert in Muscle & Fitness UK.

Below is the letter sent to all the Flex UK subscribers:

The description of Muscle & Fitness UK indicating that Flex UK will be a insert in the next edition.
The last edition of Flex UK – June 2019
the new edition of Flex magazine UK will be a small insert in Muscle & Fitness. This is the July 2019 edition.