Flex Lewis stem cell

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Flex Lewis undergoes stem cell treatment.

Flex Lewis has published an update about his current situation after pulling out from the 2020 Mr. Olympia just over seven weeks ago.

The 7X 212 Olympia champion was going to make his debut on the Mr. Olympia stage for the first time, competing with the open class competitors.

Unfortunately, Flex had to pull out from the contest due to some serious injuries that were making it very difficult for him to prepare for the event.

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After weeks of silence, Flex published a detailed update about the stem cell procedure that he had, on his official social media pages.

Flex had treatment done to his Right Shoulder, Left Shoulder, Right Elbow, Left Elbow, Knee Right and Left Knee.

Speaking about the procedure, Flex describes it uncomfortable rater than painful.

Flex Lewis’ Detailed Description of Stem Cell Procedure

So yesterday was the big day “Stem Cell injections” and since the posting of my video marks 7wks to the day of me having to pull out of the @mrolympiallc
My treatment was:
Right Shoulder (20mm) & Left Shoulder(20mm) 40 million cells
Right Elbow (5mm) & Left Elbow (5mm) 10 million cells
Knee Right (40mm) & Left Knee(40mm) 80 million cells
I have been asked many times was I nervous and was it painful? Now speaking about the past tense I can still admit I was nervous, but I also made this process in my head a lot worse. Was it painful?
Yes and no I thought the pain was going to be more, outside of the initial injection which was painful is why I said yes, the word I would describe my feeling was discomfort. As I said on my stories I didn’t sleep much last night, but the majority of that pain came from my elbows as they were fucking sore and throbbing like tooth ache. That was horrible.
I Finally fell asleep, and that then turn to discomfort but I was more so now in my knees on waking up, more particularly my right knee. My shoulders which give most pain in prep I haven’t felt a single thing from lol
Now this might be painful for others but I know real pain and this isnt bad.

Today we have kept busy on the instructions of the clinic a tour was arranged. (See stories)
As I am sitting in my hotel room with ice on my swollen knees, I have no pain.
My elbows are sore, no pain.
Shoulders feel tight no pain.
I want to thank again the Doctors, Nurses and Staff @bioxcellerator_ for calming nerves, and also going the extra mile and if you seen it, a simple hand given made that process feel so much better for me.
From a family of nurses you women/ men provide a massive service to the Doctors. Thank you @dianis747 for the human touch.
I appreciate you!

📸 @ryanloco up close and personally. What a dude!
It’s now time to head home and start to heal. Follow the stories for more on my travels back.
#StemCells #Colombia #Bioxcellerator

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net wish Flex a speedy recovery and we hope to see Fhim back on the competitive stage very soon after his successful treatments.



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