Paul Knight Jim Manion suspended

IFBB Pro League/NPC judge Paul Knight suspended by Jim Manion.

The bodybuilding world has become a place for excitement, drama and controversy.

The latest news coming from the IFBB Pro League/NPC is the suspension of Paul Knight from his duties as a judge.

Paul Knight was an active figure within the 2BrosPro, judging a number of shows in the UK.

Paul has also judged other IFBB Pro League/NPC shows in other countries around Europe.

Before Paul Knight teamed up with 2BrosPro and the IFBB Pro League/NPC, he was an active judge with the UKBFF and the IFBB.

2BrosPro are on record of saying that they will fly in all judges to the UK from the USA to make sure all shows are judged fairly and to reduce any wrong doing.

Every federation are taking measures to make sure a judge on the panel has no connection with any athlete on stage. has acquired the official documents confirming the suspension of Paul Knight for the 2020 competitive season.

According to the document, his application will possibly be looked at again in 2021.

The official statement:

November 13, 2019

Paul Knight

Dear Paul,
It has come to our attention that recently your actions as a judge do not align with what we stand for in the IFBB Pro League. This has led us to let you know that we will not be renewing your pro judge’s card for next year. We can revisit this again in 2021.

IFBB Professional League
James Manion