Olympia brand owner the future hold

Jake Wood: From Aerospace to owning the Olympia brand.

Learn about Jake Wood in the latest detailed interview by Bob Cicherillo on Monday Night Muscle.

Jake Wood is the new owner of the Olympia brand, he recently purchased the entire brand from AMI earlier this year.

The Olympia has had three owners during its 56 year history. Joe Weider created the event in 1965, to then hire Wayne DeMilia to run the show from 1984-2013. Wayne managed to create bigger and more entertaining event during his reign.

In 2014, the Olympia Weekend was purchased by AMI’s David Pecker. He as well continued to build on Wayne DeMilia’s work to make the event even more spectacular.

As David Pecker was dealing with other external issues, it was the right time to find a new owner for the Olympia brand.

After a few months of speculation, the big announcement was made by Dan Solomon that Jake Wood is the new owner. Dan was instrumental in this historic takeover.

Jake would start his reign by keeping the people that know the sport and are passionate about it.

Dan Solomon was hired in 2019 to run the show for AMI and after doing a fantastic job, Jake kept him on his team.

Dan Solomon would be named President & Chief Olympia Officer at Muscle & Fitness.

Episode 6 of Digital Muscle’s Monday Night Muscle featured Jake Wood as the main guest.

Bob Cicherillo did a great job asking the questions that helped the bodybuilding world get to know Jake better.

Jake Wood – Who is he?

The first question was about finances, as not everybody can just splash out millions to buy the Olympia brand.

Where did Jake make all his money? The Aerospace industry is the answer. Jake basically inherited a multi-million dollar business that manufactures specific parts that are found on 70% of the planes we use worldwide.

Having a lot of money and being a fan of bodybuilding is a win-win situation for the bodybuilding world.

Jake single-handedly saved women’s bodybuilding and eventually managed to bring it back to the Olympia Weekend after a six year absence.

Bob goes on to ask Jake what introduced him to bodybuilding and as well what gyms he trained at.

Jake surprisingly trained at some of the most historic gyms in the history of the sport. He first started to train at Vince Gironda’s gym.

In 1976, Jake walked into Vince Gironda’s gym. It was a gym where the biggest stars in the world trained. Jake eventually was kicked out by Vince because he was caught kissing his girlfriend near the front desk. Vince was very strict and if things did not go his way, you were out.

Jake would eventually moved to Don Peters gym to continue his training. Don’s gym was another very popular gym at the time.

Women’s Bodybuilding

It is a fact that Jake Wood is a big fan of women’s bodybuilding.

Jake eventually wanted to start promoting bodybuilding shows.

Jake eventually started to get involved in women’s bodybuilding in 2009 when he found out show promoter Tim Gardner was having financial difficulties.

From a simple email to Tim Gardner, Jake started to sponsor Gardner’s events to then move on to promote his own bodybuilding contests with a focus on women’s bodybuilding.

Jake started to focus on women’s bodybuilding when it was removed from the Arnold Classic and Olympia.

The Wings of Strength Women’s Bodybuilding World Championships was created to give these athletes a massive platform to compete on.

With one of the highest payouts for a contest, Jake managed to save women’s bodybuilding and give them a new platform to focus on.

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